Friday, August 22, 2008

387: it's done

hey y'all.

well, i did it. i sent the Client a well-thought out e-mail with my resignation imbedded.

is it tacky to quit via e-mail? well, i work from home and 98% of our communication is via e-mail so it works for me.

i plan to follow up with a short letter via snail mail too.


today's to-do list:

  1. get some sleep! i've been up all night.
  2. bank
  3. target: organic blue corn chips, distilled water (they drank mine!), t.p.
  4. hobby lobby: red saver yarn in delft blue, white
  5. post office: basket to baby boy D___, check my p.o. box
  6. supermarket: laundry detergent on sale 2-for-1
  7. find my nephew's sneakers before tomorrow
  8. start new basket
  9. find baby bliss's artwork and upload to my laptop for future use
  10. start crocheting hats; winter is coming!
  11. print the button tutorial and make some!

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