Thursday, July 31, 2008

379: i'm vacationing

hey y'all.

i haven't fallen off the planet. not yet.

we're just vacationing.

i'm in kissimmee and will be heading home in less than 24 hours. i'm sitting in the hallway of the internet cafe in the resort where we're staying. it was very quiet out here until some lady got off the elevator on her cell phone.

okay, she's gone now.

but i've gotta run. mr. bliss is sitting in the actual internet cafe with baby bliss. they're watching the news while they wait for me to finish. i'm supposed to be updating my anti-virus software.

actually i had to uninstall and re-install. the uninstall is done and i just finished downloading the newest version. don't know what happened but the last time i tried to update it didn't work.

oops. i'm caught. gotta run y'all.

back when we get home.


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