Wednesday, June 25, 2008

377: double time

hey y'all.

today is hump day in more ways than one.

baby bliss and i are scheduled to leave tomorrow to head to my hometown for a family reunion.

neither of us has packed a thing and baby bliss has a funky attitude today. hmmm...

blissful being that i am, i am not feeling the little-girl drama. i have too much to do today.

today's list:

  1. finalize the travel lists
  2. get gas
  3. banking
  4. GNC - liquid chlorophyll (mint flavor)
  5. deliver #1 auntie's earrings to grandma's house
  6. drop movies at the library
  7. 4 p.m. - early dinner at d____'s (take burgundy skirt with me to finish while we talk)
  8. 6 p.m. - home
  9. try to finish rings for #3 auntie, my mom
  10. make sure baby bliss is packed
  11. make sure baby bliss gets a shower or bath and brushes her teeth!
  12. pack
  13. 10 p.m. - shower, brush, to bed


1 comment:

Aly Cat 121 said...

well dayum girl. You good. The only thing I can do the day before I'm about to travel, is pack. And then pack some more.