Tuesday, June 17, 2008

372: whew!

hey y'all.

a sista is dog tired.

it was a long day. i did about half the things on my to-do list and some things that weren't. like baby bliss's hair.

baby patel's mom comes late afternoon but before early evening so i need to be back from running any errands close to that time. i don't mind keeping her past the time her mom comes because she and baby bliss are usually having so much fun by then that they don't want to part.

today we made it home a few minutes after she got here. we met mrs. patel in the parking lot so she didn't have to scale the heights to retrieve her offspring.

baby bliss and i weren't so lucky. we climbed the slope cuz we had no choice. we reached the peak, sweaty and huffy-puffy.

inside we changed to dry (and cool) lounge wear. twenty minutes later, i was dripping sweat again as i tussled with baby bliss's wily tresses.

oh well. it had to be done.

but we only had two hours until we had to leave for our monthly stitch-in. i only managed to undo about 10 small braids and re-do them into 3 or 4 larger ones.

we showered, put on clean clothes (grrrr! more laundry), and hauled our patooties outta here for a few hours.

the stitch-in was fun. one of our friends didn't show and we missssssssssed her. but the group that showed up had lots of conversation, the stitches flew, and before we knew it, we were packing up to leave.


we stopped at trader joe's on the way home to pick up dinner. before we could even get half way home, baby bliss got a request for an evening play date from baby patel.

i let her go and she got back 20 minutes ago.


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