Monday, April 21, 2008

338: party challenged


i found out we can't have baby bliss' party where we originally planned to. that after i gave a flier to our church secretary. LOL

such is life, right?

so now i need to call or e-mail her and tell her to hold off on any announcements, as we'd planned to invite the whole church.

perhaps this is a sign from God that we shouldn't invite the whole church, but just the kids at church . (and their parents of course.)

both the possible new locations are a few miles from us and we'll have to truck everything away from home. mr. bliss is not happy about that.

the alternative is finding one of the party places. definitely not chucky cheese because baby bliss is too old and i didn't like it the last time we were there (for someone else's party).

and maybe we won't have a party this year after all. she's had one every year for the past decade.

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