Tuesday, March 25, 2008

329: we visited the in-laws

hey y'all.

i bet y'all are like "uh oh. a story about the in-laws. it must be some ghetto drama!" right?

wrong! LOL

mr. bliss has a brother who lives about 30 minutes away, with his family. he's one of the family members i'm cool with. his wife is cool too.

we 3 blisses went up for a visit on easter sunday, after church.

it was my first time visiting since they'd moved to their new house. it's a big old house. their master bedroom is big enough for a few king sized beds.

the men watched one of the "march madness" b-ball games and the ladies watched movies on lifetime.

everything was fine until baby bliss got my sister-in-law hooked on one of those games on the laptop. she watched as baby bliss played, commenting that the game looked "complicated" and saying she didn't want to play.

then baby bliss said, "auntie can you hold the laptop while i go to the bathroom?"

next thing i knew, #1 SIL was hooked.

every 20 minutes or so, she would say she was stopping. but of course she didn't. she played for hours. LOL

they served us a down home dinner: ham, tater salad, corn, green beans, and bread. baby bliss is allergic to corn and ham makes my head hurt (too much sodium?) but we ate well enough.

there was ice cream (i didn't have any) and homemade lemon pound cake for dessert. i had part of one slice. when it arrived, my slice had a big chunk missing. mr. bliss swore he didn't do it.

i froze my toes off when we left cuz i still had on the flip flops i wore to church. (note to self: wearing flip flops after dark before may does not induce blissful behavior.)

we headed to walmart for a few needful things before heading home. i kept asking if we had everything, if we were forgetting anything cuz y'all know how you go to the store without a list and always think of something you forgot right when you get back to the car.

i was the one who didn't remember.


as soon as we crossed the door sill, i remembered what i forgot: the cherry twizzlers i love.  it used to be the bites now it's the stringy ones. i like to put them in the freezer for a few days then eat a cable or two when i'm up working late.

i don't eat a lot of candy but when i do, it helps me drink more water. in fact, i drink more water when ever i eat something sweet. the only exception is when i eat an almond joy. i like those with plain chips.

utz are my favorites, unsalted utz best.  but they just started selling utz down here and i haven't seen the unsalteds yet. it's not a big deal tho because i'm no longer a big fan of regular chips.

i've fallen in love with sweet potato potato chips. :-)

but back to my twizzlers...

so now i don't have any. i might get some tomorrow though cuz i need to get printer ink which means another trip to walmart.




Susan said...

My hubby is a big utz fan too! But none of them down here. I guess Lays is the closest we can find. But they're still not utz to him!

bliss said...

He's right in my book! I haven't had a chip yet that compares to Utz. The taste is soooo fresh, and their bag doesn't have a foil lining. We were wondering the other day how they do it...

But that was my last bag of Utz for a while. You'll see why in an upcoming post. :-(

Aly Cat 121 said...

Twizlers? Dayum I ain't had them in ages. And yeah it's a good thing you left them at the store. LOL

bliss said...

I eat Twizzlers every now and again. I only like the cherry ones and they have to go straight in the fridge first or I don't want them. LOL

p.s. I didn't go to WalMart today. I went to Sam's instead. They probably have a gigantic size Twizzler but I've never even checked.