Wednesday, March 19, 2008

324: last night we watched...

..."Closer", with julia roberts, jude law, clive owen, and natalie portman.

i'd seen it before but mr. bliss saw it for the first time. of course we got into a disargeement about it. (have y'all seen it?)

if not,


mr. bliss said clive was right to be mad at julia for her affair, even tho he had a one-nighter.

i asked him if she was wrong-er because her outside dalliance lasted long-er? why is one a bigger sin than the other? i reminded him that the Bible doesn't say any sin is worse than any other. (not that i recall, any way...)

he annoyed the hell out of me when he laughed his head off at jude, when jude reprimanded julia for sleeping with clive again, when she was supposed to be being exclusive with jude.


of course mr. bliss is entitled to his own opinion but mine was that they were all full of it.

my personal opinion: infidelity can be present in all sorts of actions, not just sexual ones.

if a husband has a gambling habit and loses every dime of his child's college fund, is that not a form of unfaithfulness?

or what if a wife has a terminal illness and doesn't tell her family until she's on her death bed? Is that a woman who has been true to her family?

yeah, it's totally a matter of personal opinion. mine is that many of us are unfaithful in many ways, at various times in a marital relationship.

the degree of pain and suffering the "injured party" feels is his or her own, to determine and deal with, however he or she chooses.

no matter what, i choose not to be a victim.

if my husband does something to cause serious disharmony in the household, one of us would have to go. but it would depend on what he did.

if mr. bliss came home and said he has sex with a hooker, i'm not freaking out about it. (i know some of y'all won't believe it, but i'm being for real.)

it's his pinga and he can put it where he wants to. i can't control it nor do i care to. he is his own man.

(and yes, we did take vows together. our's included the words "til death do us part" but maybe, like me, mr. bliss doesn't remember everything else we said.)

personally, i'm more likely to freak over anything concerning my child or my money. cuz those are the two things i'll be taking with me if i go and keeping if he goes.

any way, overall, "Closer" was a good movie. clive had the best lines, i think.

watch closely though cuz it's kinda tricky in the sense that time goes by and you don't know how much until the characters reveal what hijinks they've been up to.

not one for the kiddies.

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