Monday, March 10, 2008

316: plastic baggies

hey y'all.

i had a thought earlier about the pinch-seal plastic baggies and i thought i'd share it with y'all.

it's a good idea to carry a few plastic baggies around in your purse. maybe a few assorted sizes too.

they're good to store things in:

- the children's snot rags and other trash that you don't want floating around in your car or purse.

- socks (and other items of clothing) that get taken off and forgotten in the back seat.

- teeth that come out at inopportune moments.

- anything small that you need to put in your purse but don't want to lose in the shuffle of bigger things.

- an extra pair of panties, just in case.

- adhesive bandages that have lost their packaging but haven't been used yet.

- extra feminine hygiene products that have lost their wrappers.

- wrapperless chewing gum/breath mints/candies

- extra fake nails and a small bottle of glue

- extra false eyelashes and adhesive

- safety pins

- bobby pins

- spare change

- extra jewelry

- spare panty hose

the list is endless, really.

i thought about it the other day when we were at dear neighbor's. baby bliss had borrowed a pair of my earrings but took them off when she wanted to play ball. she laid them on the counter and later told me to get them. i put them in my bag and now i don't know where they are.

if i had a small plastic baggie with me that day, i would at least know that where ever they are, they're together...

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