Monday, February 18, 2008

306: the MIL visit - part deux

to continue...

the MIL went on and on about how tall baby bliss had gotten in the two years since they'd seen each other. (i think they're the same height now.)

she gave mr. bliss some things from home she'd brought down for him, we all hugged good bye, and that was it for friday.

(we had arrived just as she was about to leave with one of her neices, hence the brief visit.)

we did hang out with the rest of the family tho. we all had dinner at a moderately exxxxxpensive and well known surf and turf restaurant downtown. there were so many of us that we had to be broken down into two groups. we were seated in the same area but not together.

mr. bliss and i sat at the children's table. with the children, of course, and a few other adults. dinner was fun.

mr. bliss has a few cousin who i totally dig. one lives here (the guy who hosted the Big Event) and one who now lives in our home town. they are father and son. both laid back guys with innocent faces that belie their daredevil and prankster-ish hearts.

dinner was fun. Cool Cousin Elder sat with us at the kids table. he filled us in on all the fun and exciting things he's been doing since we moved away.

thank God for good conversation cuz i'll tell y'all, the food wasn't anything to brag about. i ordered fried jumbo shrimp and mr. bliss had a crab cake. poor baby bliss. she doesn't eat beef and she doesn't like much seafood. i don't even remember what she had.

i do remember that she said it wasn't as good as what we get at our favorite little seafood place up near the outlet mall. mr. bliss and i agreed.

the fries weren't bad though.

thank God too for Cool Cousin Younger's savoir faire. right when most of us were wrapping up our meals, he came in and made the rounds. he finally sat at our table, next to his dad. when the waiter came round, Cool Cousin Younger immediately let the guy know that the entire tab was on him.

mr. bliss sees him pretty often but i only see him once in a while. we all caught up and he talked about sunday night's Big Event. i was glad he did because that's how we found out that it was okay for baby bliss to attend the party. (mr. bliss was supposed to ask but didn't so we were planning to send baby bliss to Grandma's.)

baby bliss was overjoyed to know she would attend a party with the grown-ups, at a real night club. LOL

saturday, we didn't see the MIL at all. baby bliss and i spent most of the day trying to find her a decent pair of shoes to wear to the Big Event. she wears adult-sized shoes now and most of the time it's difficult finding a shoe she likes that is appropriate for her age.

she has a thing for wedgies and platforms and sometimes she wants shoes that i think are too adult for her. as was the case this time.

we ended up not getting any shoes at all. instead, i told her she had to wear the shoes she already had. they weren't as dressy as the invite called for but they were black and she's a child. no one would really expect her to come dressed to the nines.

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