Monday, February 18, 2008

304: weekend bliss

hey y'all.

baby bliss took a trip this weekend. she went home (mine, not her's) with #1 Auntie and (my) Grandma. she'll be home later today.

mr. bliss and i had grand plans for the weekend.

we were gonna drive a few hours to the mountains, stroll leisurely through small town streets, window shop, grab a good meal, and a room for saturday night.

but we didn't. we couldn't.

we came home after we dropped baby bliss at the leaving place. we were supposed to decide where we were going then Google-map our route.

we sat side by side on the couch. i powered up my laptop and mr. bliss turned on the telly. i thought he was watching. but when i looked at him a few minutes later, he was asleep!

i woke him but it was useless. not long after, we were both nodding.

i poked him and said, "honey, i think we should just stay home. we're just too old to party when the baby's away."

he laughed and agreed with me.

we talked and laughed while we watched some of the basketball all-star pre-game stuff.

eventually we began to nod again. the nods stretched into an hours-long nap for both of us. i woke up in the dark on the couch hours later, as mr. bliss was on his way out, to get us some yum yums for dinner and snack.

he grilled us a huge steak and cheese sub to share. we washed it down with dr. pepper. (yes, yes. i know that kind of meal is not good for me. but we had lots of green leaf lettuce on our sub. lots.)

after dinner i began crocheting a scarf for a friend's mom while we watched more telly. we stayed up reeeeeeeeeeeee-ally really late. (according to his standards, not mine. i've been known to do 36-hour marathons. back in tha day...)

sunday morning i awoke to a half-empty bed and the muted sounds of the telly rambling on in the living room.

to be continued...

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