Monday, January 28, 2008

295: feng shui

hey y'all.

we (read: i) have been thinking about moving. we've been in this complex since summer '06. our lease is up for renewal soon but we haven't signed yet.

i've been looking online and we've been visiting properties but every place we've gone has been missing something:

- one place had a good layout but the BRs were too small. the storage was away from the unit and cost extra. the buildings were a bit older than i like. the parking was TIGHT.

- another place was just small. it said the sq. footage was the same as what we have now. but they must have been counting the patio, the area in front of the apt. door, the walkway leading to the door, and some other unknown areas. because every room in that place was miniature.

- one property was too big. umpteen buildings and they were adding more. it was like a small city. and i checked and one person said their rent increase was huge. like living-in-Manhattan huge.

i checked out more places then realized although i'd like to move, i really don't want to. i don't wanna pack boxes, i don't wanna move furniture, i don't wanna put in a change of address and wait on forwarded mail again.

so after i told mr. bliss i don't want to move, i decided to change the view in here.

in the wee hours, i re-arranged the living room. when i asked mr. bliss how he liked it, he asked if the feng shui was correct.

my jaw almost fell to the floor. since when does he care about feng shui? since when does he even know what feng shui is?

then i got nervous. was the feng shui correct?

i got online to do some research. one thing i came across was color. pink is my daughter's color and i'd like to find some rose quartz stones to put in her bathroom.

question: do you know where i can get some rose quartz stones for a good price?

thanks in advance y'all.


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