Thursday, January 3, 2008

288: we are what we eat. no matter what it costs.

just when we thought eating healthier was better, we might be on the verge of having to choose between good eats and the poor house.

seems every time we make better choices for our lives, we're penalized for it somehow.

i guess it's time for those of us with land to get our dirt tested to make sure its good enough to eat from and then plant our own.

read here Healthy Food Getting More Expensive to get the full story.


PinksandBluesGirls said...

Now, if not more than ever, I am into eating organically and growing my own food. I think it is wonderful to teach my kids and to keep myself healthy.
Great post!
Happy New Year!
- Audrey

Aly Cat 121 said...

girl you ain't never lied about growing your own food. may as well put chickens on the list too.

bliss said...

hi there Audrey. thanks for your visit. :-) we live in a big city but still have farm land near enough to buy directly from a few. i'm thankful!

bliss said...

aly, you are too funny. i was thinking about asking my grandma to get some chickens. she lived on a farm when she was young. but she's got the home owner's association... i don't think they'd appreciate the clucking and such. and the dogs in the area would probably go mad. LOL

Susan said...

We are trying gluten free right now for Michael. It just isn't cheap! I'm desperately trying to find ways to lessen the cost since money is an issue right now!

bliss said...

Hey there Susan. I know exactly what you mean. I'm not specifically restricted to certain foods but I do have "sensitivities" to some and shouldn't have them. Eating out can be difficult.

I've found some gluten-free resources on line. I'll visit and post them at your blog. :-)