Tuesday, January 1, 2008

286: more mind control?

courtesy of our Fed'ral gov'ment, we will very soon be forced to spend our hard earned monies to acquire televisions that will broadcast digital signals. cuz if'n we don't, we'll no longer be able to watch free telly.

because they love us so, our Congress set aside $1.5 billion to ensure that we all retain our right to free t.v.

$5 million was set aside for education.


how much is that per state? how much per student in the U.S.?

i'm disgusted that gov'ment officials think telly is much more important than our children's education. which is also supposed to be free. hello? how many children will be left behind cuz they're watching telly on sets that get digitally enhanced broadcasts while their favorite teachers are being pink-slipped cuz the school districts around the country have to split $5 million in educational funding?

and some people say they don't believe in conspiracy theories.

go here Digital TV to read more details.


Aly Cat 121 said...

chil' you don't know? when folks start "donating" billions of dollars for education to the gov't then magically it will be important. Until then, we have to educate our own.

bliss said...

yeah, i guess i'll be home schooling until baby bliss goes off to college. :-)