Thursday, November 29, 2007

279: movie week

movies we've watched recently:

Going to School in India: a well-made documentary about children who live in various locations in India and the interesting places and ways they school.

English and several Indian languages. English subtitles

Kamikaze Girls: a comedy-drama about a teen-aged Japanese girl who lives in her own world. she loves the Rococo era and dresses in a style the Japanese refer to as Lolita. she accidentally takes up with a biker chick and chaos ensues.

Japanese with English subtitles

Private Fears in Public Places: a weirdly romantic drama about people who can't connect in meaningful ways. i liked the cinematography and the way the characters' lives intertwined.

French with English subtitles

Raise the Red Lantern: period piece set in 1920s China. four wives (each referred to as "mistress" and a number that tells which wife they are. i.e. first mistress, third mistress) compete with each other for their husband's attention with tragic results. beautiful imagery especially the costumes.

Mandarin Chinese with English (and other) subtitles

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Aly Cat 121 said...

They sound interesting and I love an interesting film. Them dayum subtitles make me crazy cuz my blind azz miss half the film for tryna read the bottom of the screen. You know I can't see. LOL