Wednesday, November 28, 2007

276: how cool is this?

hey y'all.

i almost forgot to tell y'all this.

i belong to a couple of online reading groups/book clubs where you can create an account, list your favorite books, rate them, and write reviews (if you want).

about a week or so, i got a nice e-mail from the author of my favorite summer read, Monica Pradhan, author of The Hindi-Bindi Club.

she'd seen my rating of her book and thanked me for rating it so well . i think it was absolutely wonderful of her to take time to do that and i told her so.

i thought it was so nice in fact, that i decided to write a full review on Hindi-Bindi Club. i did and i'm gonna blog it in a separate post.

i'm also thinking about posting on (if i can remember my login info...)


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