Tuesday, November 20, 2007

271: last night we watched...

hey y'all.

it's been movie mania at our house. which is kinda good. network t.v. has gotten to be too predictable for me.

i still like "House" tho.

last night we watched "The Method": several job applicants were left in a room to psyche each other out as a means of eliminating the competition. things get heated, etc.

i liked the concept but not the execution. there wasn't enough tension or drama for me, for the type of movie i thought it would be.

Spanish with English subtitles.

* * *

"The Taste of Tea" was pretty good. it was funny and real despite its surreal-ness. it was the story of an unconventional Japanese family going about their every day lives. they all did normal stuff but always seemed to be in the middle of abnormal goings on.

Japanese with English subtitles.

* * *

"Separate Lies" was a British thriller about the horrid occurrences that resulted from a wife's affair with a dashing neighbor.

this one was worth watching again. it starred Emily Watson (of "Red Dragon" and "Gosford Park") and Tom Wilkinson (who has played in lots of movies including "Shakespeare in Love" and "The Full Monty").

we have more at home to watch and some i'm picking up today (we're at the library now). i hope i can find at least one more that's as funny as "Keeping Mum".

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