Monday, November 19, 2007

269: good vibrations

hey y'all.

thanks to everyone who send healing energy, prayers, and other forms of positivity my way. i'm feeling a lot better and have been taking every possible moment to relax.

i wanted to share an interesting tidbit with y'all.

remember i said i had an ugly bruise on my arm from the i.v.? well, it got uglier as the days went on. friday it was about the size of my palm (and i have big hands) and it was a dark maroon color. saturday it looked about the same.

saturday, baby bliss and i went to yoga.

a few hours later, i noticed that the bruise looked a lot better. a lot better.

yesterday i forgot to look at it.

today, you can't even tell it was there.


i'm guessing the asanas got my circulation going really good.

i know it got my muscles all stretched out. my body was ache-y in weired places when i got up sunday morning.

today i felt good tho. like i want to do more yoga this week. :-)

any way, now i'm wondering if anyone else has ever experienced a "yoga cure".

if so, i'd like to hear about it.

thanks y'all.

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