Wednesday, November 14, 2007

267: movies at our house

y'all know we make the most of our wonderful county library system. and i've written before about all the great movies we've been checking out.

we've been checking out lots and i've been forgetting to tell y'all about them.

my apologies.

yesterday we watched "Shirley Valentine", a British movie about a woman who took a vacation and found a new life. it was a comedy of sorts.

it got me thinking about my own life and all the things i plan to do as soon as baby bliss flies the coop. :)

now we're watching a "bollywood" movie called "Picture Perfect". it's in english and one of the indian languages. i'm thinking punjabi but i'll have to find out for sure.

i don't like subtitles cuz i have to read them. which is hard to do while i'm blogging. but i love foreign films and a lot of them don't have the "english version" option. but even when they do, it's kinda weird.

even baby bliss has to admit that listening to english when you know the people on the screen are speaking some other language is weird.

"Boca a Boca" was good too. it was a comic drama about an aspiring actor who takes a sexy job and ended up in the middle of some other people's mess.

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