Wednesday, November 7, 2007

264: a crafty challenge

hey all y'all blogging moms, mamas, mommas, and mommies.

i have a crafty challenge for y'all.

i'm thinking this will be a fun one. hoping. praying. :-)

for everyone who said they want to take up a hobby, do it!

something fun with a low learning curve.

like the baskets. LOL

it took a few tries for me to get a decent one but you do get a basket (of sorts) on your first go. if you stick with it.

and it can be a small one.

any way, learn something that will generate an item or two. then you can proudly display your stuff on your blog and your window sill. or bedroom dresser. or give them as holiday gifts.

and no, making snowflakes with the kidddies doesn't count.

our library has all kinds of instructional DVDs. maybe your's does too. (oooh, speaking of the library, i've got a few overdue items. not good.)

so get at it y'all and show us some pictures!


Stella and Thomas said...

Ok, I am in. Will you e-mail the directions? I want to try a basket. I am up for the challenge!!

Thanks to the 'nudge' to try something new!

bliss said...

i sure will send you the directions for the baskets. :-)

you can even make coasters with the same directions if you don't take the rows up.