Thursday, November 1, 2007

256: high tea

5:29 p.m.

while i was drafting this, baby bliss and i were watching Brief Encounter, an old B & W movie about a British woman who had an "affair" with a doctor she met.

it's an old movie so there's no real hanky-panky shown. just some kissing and a lot of talk.

but it was good and gossipy. the woman lived in a small village and she and her paramour were spotted around a few times by women she knew. all the woman's ducking, hiding, and narrative soul searching turned what could have been a boring movie into relatively high drama.

baby bliss and i noted -- and remarked on -- how much tea was drunk by the characters and what they ate with their tea.

that led me to thoughts of "high tea" and we researched it online.

we learned that what most people think of as "high tea" isn't what most people think.

we also learned other interesting tidbits about afternoon tea.

then we decided we're gonna do our own afternoon teas.

every day.

okay y'all. stop laughing.

i know it's not gonna happen every day. not 'round here.

but i'll try my best.

we discussed going to our local thrift stores to buy pretty tea cups and saucers. i said i'd even get us a silver tray and a tea cart. (only if i can find them in the thrift y'all.)

today we had cookies with our tea. and we wore our red summer straw hats.

i'm sure our teas will get more elaborate as time allows. baby bliss is a drama queen.


~ Stephanie. said...

I think you should occasionally have "High Cocoa" instead! Great blog!

Who, Me?

Aly Cat 121 said...

Well what don't we know about "High Tea"? Is it that it's really lunch or something like that? Tell me, tell me, tell me. LOL

bliss said...

well y'all, baby bliss has already admitted that she doesn't want tea time every day.


we agreed to once a week. :0)

bliss said...

hi there stephanie.

High Cocoa would be good too cuz baby bliss loves it. guess we've gotta get some marshmallows and whipped cream too cuz it wouldn't seem right without them. :-)

hmmm... maybe cherries? a "cocoa sundae"? LOL

thanks for dropping by!

bliss said...

aly (and anyone else who wonders), "high tea" is really dinner. it's usually round 6 p.m. and is for the "common people". LOL

they do have tea but with a regular meal, not all the lil cutesy goodies.

"afternoon tea" is the "real" tea. it was started by the duchess of bedford back in the mid 1800s. lunch was at noon but dinner was at 8 or 9 back then and i can see why that chick was hungry!

so she got her people to bring her a tray of tea with bread and butter in the afternoon.

and you know how some folk are. she wasn't happy til she got all her girls in on it.

so then it caught on as the "high society" thang to do. i guess that's when it got all siddity, with the jam and sandwiches and what not.