Wednesday, October 31, 2007

253: fritini anyone?

does anyone remember fritini?

it was a dried veggie mix that was out in the 70s or early 80s.

we used to add water, form patties and fry them as burgers. we usually ate them with eggs and toast.

i still remember the scrumptious taste and i've been trying to find the mix for years with no luck.

if anyone knows where i can find fritini, please, lemme know. i need it! :-)

thanks y'all.


Sita Shapiro said...

Hi Bliss, I was doing a search for Fritini burgers and came across your blog. I still crave Fritini burgers and can still remember the smell and taste. Did you ever end up finding a recipe or anything about them? I found an ingredient list, but always thought they had stopped making them way back when.

Bliss said...

Hi Sita. I just did a new search and sadly, no, I haven't been able to find anything new about Fritini burgers. I guess they're history. But I came across your Pinterest boards. I'll follow some of your boards. :)