Wednesday, September 19, 2007

232: words of wisdom...

howdy y'all.

i'm over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas cuz i haven't been in a coon's age. i'm right on time for the latest, Collaboration (#45)

they're asking what words of wisdom have been passed down to me through the years, by a family member, a teacher, or somebody similar.

the best career advice i've ever gotten was from my momma, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. when i was in 9th grade, she said if i learned to type i would always have a job. so i took one semester of typing.

and she was right.

when i lived with my grandma while i attended high school, grandma would always admonish me about laying around in my clothes after i came in from school. she said if they weren't dirty, i could hang them up and wear them another day.

i thought she was crazy. what the heck did i know back then?

when i became my own Principle Laundry Do-er, i began to understand what grandma meant. i repeat it to baby bliss all the time. maybe she'll get it sooner than i did.

thanks g-ma and grandma for the good advice. it's served me well over the years. '-)

now hold on to your own bon conseil for a little while longer and get on over to Crazy Hip Blog Mamas to check out the good advice other folk got.

don't forget to share yours.


Candace said...

I agree with the typing thing! now I'm a quick blogger! I'm still working on hanging up my clothes and I am the one who does oodles of laundry around here! I just got my energy saving washing machine though! going greeen! not green enough to wash them in a tub though!

bliss said...

Candace, there are very few things i'll wash very few things in the tub. usually my bikini when i get a shower after a swim. LOL

i do wish i had a clothesline tho. i love the outdoor smell of laundry hung in the fresh air. :-)

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Good advice! I miss the CHBMs, maybe one of these days I will get back around to participating in the collaborations again.

bliss said...

DSB, are you a CHBM? get on back girl! we miss ya. '-)

a happier girl said...

The typing thing is so true. In college I signed up with a temp agency and the only skill required for half the jobs was typing. Everyone should learn to type.

bliss said...

Happier Girl, temp agencies have been my life savers more than a few times. thank God for 'em. :-)

Pinks & Blues said...

Typing always a good thing! Definitely agree. Temp agencies are a beautiful thing!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues
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