Tuesday, November 27, 2007

273: i was gonna vent...

about my grandma but changed my mind.

it's not that my thoughts were uncharitable. i was just gonna complain about her attitude.

but i think i'll pray about it instead. '-)

so what did y'all do for the holidays?

we were busy.

on wednesday, baby bliss and i drove to get a friend so he could go with us to T-day dinner at our church. he treated us to lunch at his job then we all hit the mall where he picked up a few uber-expensive (for my budget) pieces of clothing at ultra-trendy shops.

some time ago he had promised baby bliss a top and he told her it was her day to collect. i could not in good conscious allow her to pick out anything in the stores he got his stuff from. he's a good friend and all but i don't want baby bliss to get a taste of that kind of lifestyle.

not that our friend makes a million bucks or anything. but he's waitstaff at a popular restaurant and i'm pretty sure his weekly tips are substantial.

i steered baby bliss to a store that was more reasonably priced and let her loose. i tend to like clothes that appear classic but she's a trendy gal. she tried on a few tops in styles that are all the rage nowadays. she ended up with one in her favorite color and a few matching accessories. everyone was happy and we skedaddled on back to the pad.

(our friend is young enough to be my son if i'd had him at the same age my mom was when she had me. (we met him thru another young friend.) he loves to get his shop on and i'm not sure he understands the concept of "spend some, save some". good mommy/big sister/friend that i am, i did tell him that our friendly gov'ment will want their cut of his cash come tax time. but i'm not sure the message sunk in and he is an adult so i didn't belabor the point.)

so back to turkey day.

baby bliss grabbed the cake she baked, i grabbed a box of graham crackers, and we three headed to the church for grub.

about 25 people showed up and everyone brought something to eat. we stayed for about two hours, eating and socializing. one of baby bliss's friends showed up and they played with the puppy. (one of our members has a new puppy that she brought in with her.)

when we left church, we went to eat again at another friend's house. we stayed there for a few hours as well. friend #2 rode with us to take friend #1 home (a one-hour drive, round trip.)

baby bliss and i didn't make it to grandma's, our usual holiday haunt. the family was disappointed.

i think that was what led to the "church invasion" on sunday. LOL

my relatives have never approved of my choice(s) of spiritual practice and they still don't.

saturday, #1 auntie told me she wanted to visit my church one day. then she said she wanted to visit "tomorrow". okaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy...

sunday morning, baby bliss and i overslept. but thanks to a phone call from #1 auntie, we still made it to church on time. it involved a lot of fancy footwork, but we did it.

mr. bliss was on his way in as we were leaving. i asked him to go to church with us, since #1 auntie was going. he said no because he'd heard that #1 auntie was taking her daughter and #2 auntie as well.

i'm thinking mr. bliss thought there might be some kind of family altercation of biblical proportions, one he had no intentions of referee-ing.

two aunties and a cousin? as we headed for church, i wondered what they had up their sleeves.


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