Monday, July 28, 2014


On another note, I dreamed about Mr. Bliss a few days ago.

Nothing spectacular. We were sitting in a kitchen. His mom's I think. She was there, angry and frowning. I think she was upset because we had just gotten married. She was introducing me to an older man, saying I was Mr. Bliss's "friend".

Mr. Bliss and I just looked at each other and laughed.

There was a lot more to the dream but I don't remember any of it.

I awoke feeling comforted, happy to see Mr. Bliss again in my dreams because it had been a while.

I'm so thankful that of all the dreams I've had of him since he transitioned, with the exception of maybe two, all the dreams have been good ones.



Over the past few days, I've been experiencing sensations of... vibration.

In my bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room -- I feel vibration. Not swaying, not spinning, not tilting. Just vibration.

This morning we had a thunderstorm in the wee hours.

I think I had been asleep for a short while. I'm not sure because I don't know what time the storm came.

What I know is that my hands and arms began to feel... energetic.

I am a level II Reiki practitioner so the energy feeling wasn't anything new. But the intensity was. It overwhelmed me. I tried going back to sleep several times but each time I was awakened by the energy.

The energy of the storm, keeping me awake...  It felt pushy, insistent, invasive.

I'm not sure why I felt like it was the precursor to something negative but I did. I called my daughter to make sure she was okay. She said she was.

By the time I was hanging up from the call, the intensity had become so overwhelming, so tiring that I began crying.

Thankfully my sweetie was here with me. I think what helped was me being able to discharge some of the
energy by giving him an impromptu Reiki session.

It felt strange, sharing Reiki while crying. I'm not sure I should have but it was what came to mind so it's what I did.

Life moves ever forward in ways I sometimes don't understand.

But I'm still here so it's all good.

I'm thankful.



Saturday, June 14, 2014


Never did get that nap.

I did lay down, right here on the living room floor, couch cushions arranged just so.

But the phone rang. It was my beau, calling with words of love and allure that snatched me away from any thoughts of snoozing.

After we said goodbye, I got up and dressed for my evening walk.

Today I walked with the consciousness of walking correctly.

The outcome: awareness definitely assisted improvement.

I was able to walk for 20 minutes at a brisk pace with good form. (That's 10 minutes less than usual because when I started out, the thunder and lightening were threatening to invite rain.)

What I like most and least about my walk every day is the small lake at our local park.

The best thing about the park is the lake, the animals that live in and around it, the path that winds around it.

The worst is having to navigate all the duck/duck/goose poop the critters drop at random spots along the path.


The thought of stepping in anything squishy -- barefoot or while wearing shoes -- is one of those things that makes me gag.

As much as I don't want to see it, I know the poopers aren't going anywhere and I don't want to walk without including the park. So I guess I'll be side-stepping droppings for the duration.

And now I must be getting to bed. It's been a long day and I'm... tired. (I almost said "pooped"...)

Also, the beau invited me to breakfast and I should be there at 10 a.m.  (I love the way he asks me out, how courtly his words are, how he never assumes I can or will go...)

I'll need to get up by 8 a.m. if I want to be on time without rushing.

Good night folks.

Sweet dreams to all who're headed for bedtime...

Friday, June 13, 2014


The juicing seminar was my excuse for missing my evening walk yesterday.

And God punished me by allowing me to drink that gag-inducing juice.


However it might have been for the best.

Even though I've been walking approximately 46 years, I think I might be walking wrong somehow.

I'm not feeling it in my legs or thighs. I'm feeling it right where my foot joins my leg, on top.

Yesterday morning I switched up my walking style and did feel a bit of resistance in the backs of my thighs but not for long. I couldn't manage to maintain that walking style or method or whatever it is.


Maybe I need someone in the know to spot me?

I'll do some research online...

I still plan to walk this evening. I must keep the momentum going!

But right now, I need a nap.

Yesterday's date ran into the wee hours of this morning (as you already know if you've been reading this blog) and I'm beat.

As exhilarating and wonderful as these marathon dates have been, they're exhausting.

If I have no reason to get up early the next day, it's not so bad.

This morning I had an early appointment that I couldn't be late for. My old friend Anxiety visited this morning and woke me about an hour before I needed to get up.

Shameless hussy!

I only got 3-4 hours of sleep.

Now I'm sitting here hungry and nodding, a bad combination but totally my fault because if I had gotten up when I woke up, I would have had time to make a smoothie.

Lazy me. I laid there and dozed for another 30 minutes.

Currently, I'm sitting here on the couch fighting nods and knowing they'll win in the end. So why not just set an alarm for an hour, maybe two and give in?

No real reason to say "no".

Time for a snooze y'all!