Wednesday, December 21, 2016


In other news, Mercury is in retrograde again y'all.


For me that means exes ooze out of the woodwork.

Whyyyyyyyyyy?  🙀

In the past several days, I have gotten a couple of texts and phone call from guys I've dated in the past.

Guy number one and I didn't actually date but we met on one of the online dating sites last year. We talked and texted for a few weeks but never made it to the first date.

When he texted me last week, I didn't know who he was because his contact was no longer in my phone. He addressed me by my name so I figured who ever it was knew me somehow.

I waited a few hours before texting back to ask who it was.

To make a long story short, we texted then talked. He asked me out for coffee which turned into lunch.

Lunch was good (one of my favorite local Thai joints), he was funny, we had some things in common (I'm 83 percent African-American, four percent Irish; he's 98 percent Irish, two percent African-American...)

But I felt some of his behavior was inappropriate and he seemed close to being manic. He talked loudly about personal subjects, made comments that seemed to offend a few folks around us, asked someone about their political views.

I'm a live-and-let-live kinda lady but his behavior was a turn-off. He was also between jobs and his aura reeked of desperation and despair. I offered to pay for lunch (because it was my idea to extend the coffee hour to a meal and I never want anyone to go hungry if I'm able to feed them) but he said no.

When the bill came, he tried to pay with his credit card. Declined. So he paid with his debit card.


He texted me lots more that day and the next but I had to cut it off.

There will be no more dates and I don't want to hear from him again.

It might sound mean but I can't involve myself in whatever drama he has brewing. If he's truly in need of some help, I hope he gets it.

He has my prayers.

Guy number two is a guy I dated quite a few times earlier this year. I stopped talking to him when he mentioned one day that he might vote for Trump because he didn't like Hillary.

Maybe he was joking but I didn't find it funny.

He began texting me the same night as guy number one. It was weird because he didn't seem to want anything specific. He asked me what I was doing, asked me to remind him of how we met, brought up the election, and that was it.

Perhaps it was because my answers were less than enthusiastic. I don't know; I don't really care. He (along with guy number one) is now on my "do not respond" list.

That means their calls will go straight to my voicemail and any subsequent texts from them will be deleted with no response.

Guy number three is a guy I had one date with at least two years ago. We also met online.

What the hell he wants, I can't imagine.

He took me to lunch at P.F. Chang's. The decor was lovely. The food was good, nothing spectacular. His dime, my time...

The date was spent talking, eating, laughing. He told me about the non-profit he ran. He made himself sound like one of the most altruistic people on the planet.


A few days after the date, I got a nastily-worded text from him that definitely wasn't for me but there it was.

I waited a few hours then responded by saying he had obviously sent the text to the wrong person. I also let him know I didn't want to hear from him again.

He never responded.


Fast forward a year or so and I could see that he'd visited my dating profile. (Using a new profile.) I was flabbergasted when I got an e-mail from him.

I went to his profile, to make sure it was who I thought it was. Yep, it was him. And incredibly, his profile mentioned his recent divorce.


I didn't recall us discussing his wife over lunch the year before. Not that his divorce made a difference one way or the other because after that funky ass text, he and I had nothing to talk about. But learning that he'd been married when we went out and I didn't know...

It was just one more nail in his shoe as far as I was concerned.

So I did something mean. I responded to his e-mail by telling him he was a crazy lying bastard and if he e-mailed me again I would report him to the site for harassment.

He didn't e-mail again but now he's popped up. Again.

He didn't text me. He actually called me several times. I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number but it looked familiar (I have a friend who has a similar number) so I Googled it.

It came back as being registered to guy number three's business.

Needless to say, he is now on my "reject call list".

If I'm contacted by one mo' dude I don't want to hear from during this retrograde, Mercury and I are gonna have a talk. 👺

And now I bid y'all a fond ta-ta for now.

Time for me to hit the streets with Baby Bliss.

Have a good one folks!  😊


Happy happy Wednesday y'all!  😀

I see that Google has graced us bloggers with emojis. Is this our holiday gift or did we get this power with the recent upgrades and I missed it until now?

I'm an emoji-using kinda gal so if I go overboard, someone please remove my fingers from the keyboard and take me out for a cupcake.

In other news, if anyone is interested in an update on the "money luck" in my dream detailed in Post 700, here it is.

Folks, I'm happy to say I did get some unexpected funds last month. I won't go into the personal stuff but one day in late November, there was a check for almost $150 sitting in my mailbox. The money was owed to me but it had been almost a year in coming so I had no idea when to expect it.

The check is still floating around in here because rarely do I visit my financial institution more than once a month. Baby Bliss likes to hoard her paychecks so we usually go when she decides to deposit them.

With the holidays upon us, I told her we should go today.

Merry Christmas to me! 🎁💲🎁💲🎁💲

While we're on the topic of dreams, I had a funny one several nights ago.

In waking life, I've purchased at least two of the blenders that use a personal cup with a blade attachment that screws in while the cup is upside down and is then placed right-side up into the contraption with the motor.

The first one lasted several years then one day, one of the blades broke while I was blending. I had already bought the second one as a back up so no big deal. I threw out the whole blade attachment and the cup I was using to blend.

The second one lasted a year, maybe two before the blade attachment got cracked somehow.

As a parent, it is my duty to blame Baby Bliss for both blenders getting broken because that's what good parents do when it's only the parent and the child living in the residence and the parent knows he or she didn't break the item(s).

Because I'm a really good parent, I'll give y'all the details: the blades broke on the first one because she kept putting too many frozen items in the cup without enough liquid. She would also run the blender too long. The frozen items were obviously too strong for the blade and I believe they eventually caused the blade components to weaken.

The second blade attachment was cracked which means it was likely dropped from a height high enough for that to happen. I know I didn't drop the thing...

At some point I realized that every time I used the blender, liquid had seeped out from the cup into the piece that held the motor. Eventually I examined the blade attachment and saw a crack running from the center of the thing to the outer edge. It went clean through the whole of the two-inch high contraption.


I tossed it.

That was last month.

I thought about buying a new blender but just couldn't get into the mood to do it.

Last year, someone gave me a food processor that I've never used because I've never used a food processor. I've seen them used on cooking shows but never in real life.

It had been sitting in an open box atop my kitchen cabinet, gathering dust and maybe spider webs.

In the absence of a blender, I wondered if I could use the food processor to make my daily green drink. It was never more than a thought but it led to thoughts of making ice cream with the food processor.

I even mentioned it to a few folks. But that too was merely a thought. 😄

Then I had the dream.

In the dream, I was on the stepladder in the kitchen, piddling around with things atop the cabinet. Some of those things were blenders, three in total, brand new and waiting for me to use them.

When I awoke, I thought it was funny and didn't give it another thought until yesterday.

Yesterday I took the stepladder to the kitchen and got the food processor box down.

Lo and behold honey! There was a blender in the box. You could have bought me for a penny.

It's a Cuisinart and came with dangerous-looking blades (that are indeed dangerous) for the blender and the food processor.

The assembly directions (and a recipe book) were in the box too. I safely assembled the blender then disassembled to give it a good cleaning.

The blender looks like it'll hold about a half gallon of liquid so I'm not sure how it will work for my green drinks.

Stay tuned folks because I'll find out soon. 😄


To those who celebrate any holiday this time of year, I wish you the best, happiest, merriest, most enlightening celebration ever.

Baby Bliss and I don't have a script for our holiday celebration. I put up our tiny tree and decorated it while she was out one day. She expressed her disappointment in a text. She said I should have waited for her.

My bad. I did allow her to add the additional decorations (bells) that I bought because I decided the metallic blue ball ornaments from last year were just a tad too big four out tiny tree. The tiny bells I found were the perfect size but they required work before they could go on the tree.

I thought the package I bought was individual bells to be hung each on a branch. Nope. The bells were all on a single strand of silver cord.


Initially I thought I would have to crochet strings to add to each bell, to get each one on the tree. Then I realized I could cut the silver string in a way that would allow me to use every other bell without having to crochet extra strings.

It's possible that I will still crochet extra strings for the bells that need them. It's a five-step process: crochet the string, remove the bell cap, tie the string securely, glue the cap back on, hang the bell.

There might be 10 more bells needing to be hung on the tree. Ahhh, well... We'll see if it happens this holiday season.

On to other topics!

Other than the one warm day we had recently (69 degrees) it's been cold here. I am beyond thankful to have a warm and safe place to call home. For those who do not have these things, I offer my prayers and whatever activities I can perform to help resolve those misfortunes.

Monday evening I was so tired from being awake all day Sunday until 5 a.m. Monday morning, a nap became inevitable. I shut down the laptop, arranged a few pillows for my comfort, and wrapped myself in my blanket on the sofa. Then I closed my eyes and drifted away.

A few times I surfaced from my sea of snores. I'm not sure if I was fully conscious but I recall seeing the curtains, hearing the t.v., then zoning out again.

Around 9:30 p.m., the phone rang. It was Mr. Skittish. He could tell from my voice that he'd awakened me. He also sounded like he'd been asleep. (He had been.)

We talked for 15 or 20 minutes then said good night.

Generally we talk at least twice a day, sometimes more. We text throughout the day too. We've shared a lot of our life histories with each other, unexpectedly developing a good friendship along the way.

It's probably why we enjoyed our time together when he visited December 10 and 11.

I got him from the train station late that Saturday morning. We came to my place so I could finish packing my overnight bag. Then it was time for lunch. We ate at a local McAllister's Deli. When we finished it was check-in time at the hotel.

The same guy who checked Mr. Skittish in last time he visited was at the desk. He remembered us. In the room, I took a shower, put on my lounging attire, and hopped into one of the queen sized beds. He took the other bed.

We started out watching telly and both ended up snoring. A few hours later, I woke up hungry  and knowing my glucose level was seriously low. Lucky for me I'd brought some leftovers from home.

Mr. S declined my offer to share my food with him so I dined alone. But he was hungry too. We dressed and made a food run. Back at the hotel, we talked, laughed, and watched telly while he ate.

We stayed up late and woke early Sunday morning. Early-ish, around 8 a.m.

It was a lazy morning, no rush to get up. I got up around 10, I showered, got dressed, packed my things, and tossed our trash from the night before. He took his time getting up to shower. I helped him pack, making sure he had everything, hurrying him along as he was sat around lollygagging after he was dressed.

Not that I was anxious to go but I didn't want us to stay past checkout. Also his train was scheduled to leave shortly after noon and it was a 30-minute drive to the station.

We grabbed a fast food breakfast and ate it on the way to the train station.

It was after noon when we arrived but we knew the train was running late because we'd checked the schedule online about halfway there. We sat in the station talking and laughing while we waited.

The attendant made the announcement for the impending arrival and told folks to head for the gate. We hugged and kissed goodbye. He walked out to the gate and I waited on the other side until he got on the train. We waved bye several times, laughing as he walked toward the train.

He boarded and I headed off to do a bit of shopping. Window shopping really because there was nothing I wanted to buy. My gas tank was a few notches short of half a tank so I filled when I left the store then headed home.

He texted me when he arrived home and called me later that evening. He was happy, saying how he'd had a really good time and he was glad he had come to visit.

The next day was his birthday. I texted him a birthday greeting shortly after midnight.

We talked and texted on his birthday, mostly about how much we'd enjoyed the weekend.

Over the past week or so, we've been talking about taking a trip up north when the weather warms up.  There's a place he's been wanting to go for a while and he asked me to go with him. I think it's nice that he invited me. Whether or not we actually go dwells in the future.

If we do go, I'll drive. My car is good on gas and he works two jobs every day so he can sit back and enjoy the ride. I'll probably decide where we sleep as well. Our destination is very near my home town and I know the areas to avoid to ensure our safety.

Maybe we'll visit my parents on the way up or back.

We'll see.

He also wants to go to Vegas, which should be fun. I haven't vacationed in Vegas since the early 90s.

Mr. Skittish is a decent man. Somewhat gullible too. He can be thankful that I'm not one to take advantage of those sorts.

It's nice to know good people.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. If not, I wish you success in accessing the tools necessary to overcome your obstacles.

My weekend was fun and informative. It gave me an idea for a new business venture.

Action and Adventure Chez Bliss:

Has your life become boringly predictable? Are you in need of a fun and exciting getaway that offers you a glimpse into someone else's blissfully chaotic days and nights?


You should sign up for a weekend or week with me, K. Bliss!

We'll visit my colorful neighbors, engage in funny/daunting/frightening conversations with random guys we meet on online dating sites, go on at least one date with at least one funny guy from an online dating site who strikes our fancy, eat delicious cupcakes from my favorite local bakery, visit my favorite enchanting lakeside park, and much more.

Weekends are $1,000 and include lodging (Friday-Sunday), roundtrip transfers to and from our local airport or Amtrak station, all ground transportation, and meals.

A one week stay will set you back $4,000 and includes all of the above, commencing Monday and concluding Friday.

Reservations should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance.