Friday, February 1, 2008

296: the retraction (sort of)

a recent conversation at our house...

me: so is your momma definitely coming this weekend or not?

mr. bliss: i didn't say she was coming this weekend.

me (staring in disbelief): um, yes, you did.

mr. bliss: no i didn't. this is super bowl weekend.

me: so? i know what you said. you said she might be coming this weekend.

mr. bliss: naw. i said she might be coming february 11.

me (not knowing that feb. 11 is not even a weekend day): you never said "february 11". you laid in this bed right here and said "this weekend".

mr. bliss: oh. well i meant february 11.


i hope with every cell of my being that he meant she'll be leaving on feb 11 cuz no way can she stay with us from the 11th (a monday) until the following weekend.


i'll have to move to my grandma's for the duration.

and apparently they are caravan-ing down. and i know those other people ain't staying with us. cuz that's just pushing the envelope too far and i'll have to put both feet down to quell that notion.

so if there's a bunch of in-laws coming, why can't the MIL stay where the others are staying? i think she'd be more comfortable surrounded with more of her kind.

and mr. bliss can even go stay where ever they're all staying and it will be just one big happy mish-mash of THEM.

i'm just saying.


Susan said...

Oh I am SO with you on that one!

bliss said...

Thanks Susan! :-)