Monday, December 10, 2007

280: just chillin'

hey y'all!

what's been shaking 'round these parts?

i feel like i've been gone for ages. i miss y'all when i'm not here.

Aly, what's going on in your neck of the woods? we saw that some parts of your state had floods. baby bliss and i were worried girl. i gotta get over to your place to see what's happening with ya.

there are a bunch of others i need to drop in on too. but it probably won't be today. you see, i've been taking a much-needed chill.

the holiday bazaar weekend was busy busy busy at church. i went on friday night to help set up and write up the silent auction items. baby bliss and i were there for a few hours.

saturday we were there bright and early too. baby bliss helped work the kids' tables and i mostly wo-manned the silent auction items. i placed several items in the silent auction and two of them were snapped up (one of my crocheted doggy leashes and a fun yarn-and-wire, free-form, body-wear thingy i made.)

sunday the silent auction and kids' sale continued, before and after service. by the time it was all over, i was exhausted.

we missed church this sunday cuz i was just too tired to go. so we slept late. i'm sure God didn't mind.

and our ministers (along with some church members and members of a few other churches) are cruising. i really wanted to go too but for a number of reasons, i don't do the Big Boat Ride.

i am in need of a vacation tho. i'd love to take baby bliss to bermuda but there's the matter of the passports. getting them has been on my to-do list for about 2 years now. i have all the pertinent documents and know i need to just get the ball rolling but i haven't.

i'm content with going to florida for our next holiday (somewhere on the gulf coast) as long as the sun is shine-shine-shiney, the sand is sugary sweet, and the water is any shade of turquoise/azure/sapphire/teal/aqua.

cuz i'm a beach snob.

and i'll drive down. cuz i don't wanna fly any more. but i still want our passports. just in case we need to fly.

but in the meantime, i'm relaxing. i feel a little bad cuz i haven't done any personal writing at all. i've been to busy crocheting, work-writing, and indulging in my new guilty pleasure--playing ElfBalls and Santa Balls.

They are both games that require great skill and good vision. and they're fun too. I got ElfBalls from, a website that has lots of great resources and lots of them are free or free to demo.

go check out Santa Balls (along with a slew of other fun games) at

if nothing else, you'll get a good laugh out of it.

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