Thursday, November 29, 2007

278: craft madness

hey y'all.

baby bliss and i have been crocheting like mad hens over here.

she's making a neck muff for her godmommy. (i don't think she reads my blog so i guess it's okay that i told.)

i'm working on two scarves for no one in particular tho i do have an idea who i might give each one to. i'm almost done with one. the other i just started.

i'm also working on a basket for the church holiday craft bazaar. which might not get finished cuz we're sposed to take stuff up there tomorrow and i'm not done. maybe halfway...

that brings me to my dilemma: i have lots of rings and a few other pieces of jewelry all done. even a few dog leashes. but i haven't labeled or packaged anything yet. grrrrr!

and i've been toying with the idea of donating all the stuff for the silent auction and kid's booth sales instead of doing a booth myself.

i've also been asked to help vendors set up the night before and act as auctioneer on saturday.

uh oh.

i don't have a clue what i'll be doing. it's a silent auction and that makes me feel a bit better but i'm still wondering. i'll have more info by this time tomorrow.

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