Wednesday, November 28, 2007

274: new stuff

hey y'all.

i was determined not to get caught up in the Black Friday hype. just cuz i never do.

but i couldn't resist taking a peek at online specials.

then i remembered that i really did need to buy some stuff. like business supplies so i could offset some business income.

so i ordered a case of paper from office depot. it was less than $20.

then i made the mistake of going to and i saw a digital cam on sale for less than $70. it came with a 1GB memory card and something called XtraDrive, a little device that turns my extra SD/MMC memory cards into USB thumb drives.

i thought, "wow. what a deal."

i wanted a new camera but couldn't justify (to myself) spending $100 or so on a new one when i already had one. i also needed a flash drive but couldn't decide which one to get. i also didn't want to pay a lot for one because as tech savvy as i am, i didn't really understand how they worked.

the paper i ordered came yesterday but we weren't home. mr. bliss had to get it from the office this morning. whoever packed it wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch. there were 9 packages in one box and one package in another box all by itself. and some of the packages had split. thank God none of the paper was damaged.

the camera, memory card, and XtraDrive came today. in a big ole box with the giant bubble packs. the merchandise was slam on the bottom of the box and the bubbles were on top.

baby bliss inherited my old camera and she's happy as can be.

i'm also expecting a new printer i ordered from i'll have to pick that one up from the store cuz i wanted the free shipping. it's one of the all-in-one fax/scan/print/copy models. i'm hoping i like cuz it will save me from having to leave home to send and receive faxes.

i won't be using the new printer right away. (but i will hook it up to make sure it works.) i got the printer for a lot less than the $99 i'd previously seen it for.

i still have ink for the old one so i'll keep using it until the ink is gone. but once the ink is done, i'll be donating it to Goodwill.

if baby bliss gets a laptop for Christmas (as she's hoping), we can get rid of the old desktop 'puter in our office. that's going to Goodwill too.

my printers and cameras are all HPs. i've not had any problems with my HP products ever. i should have bitten the bullet and gotten the HP laptop. this Gateway has given me a few problems and i've barely had it for 6 months. it's still under warranty tho so anything major and i'll be sending it back for a full refund.

gotta run y'all. baby bliss is forcing me to take her to the gym. '-)


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