Tuesday, November 20, 2007

272: if you're looking for a date...

try your local library.

we're still here.

baby bliss is on the PC and i'm on my laptop.

there's a young(er) man sitting at the table across from me. he's a cutie. dark, smooth skin, pleasant face, nice smile.

maybe it's my imagination, but i think he's watching me.

not that i'm paying attention. okay, i am. but only cuz i watch everyone around me. so i can feel safe.

if i was single and childless, it might be a hook up.



jessabean said...

Girl, there is no harm in daydreaming a little every once in a while!

Aly Cat 121 said...

ummmm don't even THINK about it, cuz you know that's how it starts? By thinking. LOL.

bliss said...

jessabean, you're right. there's no harm in a little reverie every now and again.

i'm really a good girl at heart. i'd never do anything more than flirt.

as if i have the energy for anything more... LOL

bliss said...

aly, get outta here! why can't a sista just THINK about it and that's all it is? :-)

i'm a GOOD girl and even if i was single, i would never EVER go out with a guy i met at the library.

i like to meet MY men at the club. or at yoga class. or the gas station...